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Thank You – MW

01-27-2020 A note to thank you all for your wonderful care, from the front desk to everyone in the clinic the experience couldn’t be better. You have achieved professionalism but with a personal touch that makes the visits so much more enjoyable. Keep doing the great work that you all do! Much Appreciated, M.W.

D.O., Somervile, MA

Dear Dr. Vaisman, I am writing to tell you how wonderful you and all of your staff are. I have been your patient for many years and every time I visit your office, everyone is so caring, polite and that makes it a very pleasant office visit. I thank you very much.

G.F., Peabody, MA

Dear Dr. Vaisman, Words cannot be put into a sentence on how grateful I am, a well as my family to you. Over the past 6 years of seeing you, my back and leg pain has been under control. As each year goes on, it seems that I have gotten worse, but you keep on […]

M.P., E. Bridgewater, MA

Dear Dr. Vaisman and Dr. Ordia, I just wanted to share my great news with the both of you. I had my original neurostimulator implant in July of 2003. My battery replacement was done in December, 2004. I now have almost complete pain control. The best news is I have successfully weaned off of all […]

Patient K.Z., Brighton, MA

It has been a year since our mother opened the door of the Clinic and was greeted by Angela. Her reassuring and kind words from day one gave us hope. The experience of coming to Dr. Vaisman’s Clinic was very different from what we had before. There is much public discussion of health care quality […]

D.T., Magnolia, MA

Most recently, I have started work with Scott in Physical Therapy. I have found Scott’s positive approach to his work, his commitment to his patients, to have actually rubbed off on me, in a good way. Although I don’t ever feel I’ll be without pain, working with Scott has made me see, for the first […]